School Values

Our school values education program consist of the following core values:

• Acceptance: This school is a community and everyone in this community is respected and given chance of open communication.
• Respect: Every member of the community is respected and has a right to be heard.
• Resilience: Training our students to be tough and come up with new solutions quickly.
• Responsibility: Encourage children to take responsibility of global changes through adapting international standards.
• Excellence: One can only prosper and lead if they have their own way of resolving tasks; rather.

Our school's values education program consists of the following core values:

• Acceptance
• Respect
• Resilience
• Responsibility
• Excellence

Of importance is the fact that across our school community (students, staff and parents), we 'walk and talk' the same language relating to our school values and the expectation that go with consistent demonstration of these values. In other words, there is a general expectation that all members of our school community are responsible for demonstrating each of the values which should underpin everything we do. How we are as adults (staff and parents) significally impacts on students so modeling.