Career Counseling

Guidance and Personal Counseling
Guidance Counseling provides a safe place, separate from your daily life, where you can explore issues or feelings that are causing you discomfort. The counselor will aim to relate to you in a supportive and purposeful manner and assist you in the task of finding your way forward. Your use of counseling remains confidential to the services, within the limits agreed with your counselor.

Basic aim of Guidance Counseling:
The basic aim of guidance counseling is to enable each student individually to develop better ways of living that reflect his/her needs and values. For most of the students the experience of counseling is to focus on the transitional problems experienced by most young adults, while for some it leads to a direct therapeutic approach. In either case, it is extremely important not to let an issue go unnoticed, as most frequently academic work will suffer either because of difficulties directly related to studies or because of disorganization sometimes exacerbated by other issues.

We have designed the system of guidance counseling in a way that each student will have meetings with the guidance counselor. Students will be handed an appointment card with the details of your appointment.

These appointments are scheduled with great difficulty according to your availability and the counselor’s, therefore it is very important that you keep your appointment. In the unlikely event that you are unable to make it to your appointment, then it is essential that you inform the counselor in advance.